New God of War mod lets you mess up Kratos in every way imaginable

A modded and messed up Kratos
(Image credit: User @Speclizer_ on Twitter)

Most of the projects for God of War up on its Nexus Mods site are lighting overhauls or maxed out save files, but one modder over on YouTube is pushing in a more avant-garde direction.

In the past, modder Speclizer has focused on finding out-of-bounds secrets and unused assets in the Last of Us and the console release of God of War, similar to how Zullie the Witch or Lance McDonald do for From Software titles.

As featured on Highlight Reel, Speclizer has now outdone themselves with on-demand goblin body horror Kratos, powered by custom tools that allow for real-time model editing, along with other features like an enhanced photo mode and noclip. The model editing is the real kicker, letting you alter the position and size of character body parts, torturing them as though you were the malevolent AI from I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

You can peruse Speclizer's own experiments with the tools on their Twitter and YouTube pages, but using them to perpetrate your own body horror crimes against the Son of Zeus and friends will require a $14/month buy-in on Speclizer's patreon

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