New game from Danganronpa creators and a remastered version of Steins;Gate heading to PC

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Excellent news for visual novel fans: an updated version of Steins;Gate—which made it onto Hannah's list of the best visual novels on PC (opens in new tab)—and a new game from the creators of the Danganronpa series (opens in new tab) are coming to PC, publisher Spike Chunsoft has announced.

The original Steins; Gate spawned an anime series of the same name and Steins;Gate Elite, which will feature Japanese audio and English subtitles, will use footage from the series alongside brand new animation (check out the trailer above). Basically, it should look better than ever. It'll be out this year, and it's a chance to retread a fairly complex tale about time travel and a mad scientist that can send text messages to the past.

Spike Chunsoft also announced that Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, the next game from the creators of the Danganronpa series (opens in new tab), is coming to PC, but it doesn't yet have a release date. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc also made it onto Hannah's list, and this one will be worth paying attention to.

You'll control one of eight clones that are trapped in an endless cycle of life and death. The aim, by the sounds of it, is to discover why the clones are in their predicament, and uncover the sins of their past. You'll explore dungeons in first person, battle monsters, and manage hunger and sleep meters.

Each clone has a 13-day life cycle, and their abilities change as they age. Depending on how a clone dies, they can gain bonuses for their next life. Here, check out the trailer below: 

One more Spike Chunsoft announcement of note: the publisher is releasing a sequel to charming tower defence game PixelJunk Monsters on May 25. PixelJunk Monsters 2, from developer Q-Games, has gorgeous claymation visuals (check them out in the trailer below) and new co-op multiplayer. A Steam page is live here (opens in new tab). I've never played the first game, but I've only heard good things. 

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