New Fortnite hotfix reins in the compact SMG

People aren't happy about the new Fortnite compact SMG: it's too powerful, too accurate, and probably too attractive, too. So Epic Games has issued a hotfix which rather drastically reduces its power.

"We've heard your feedback regarding SMGs and that they’re stronger than we would like at the moment," an Epic spokesperson wrote on the Fortnite battle royale subreddit. "We agree and have just pushed a hotfix live adjusting these values - bringing them more in line with where we want them."

Without further ado, here are the changes, direct from Epic's post. 

SMG and Compact SMG accuracy bonus reduced from 35% to 15%
SMG damage reduced from 19/20/21 to 17/18/19.
Compact SMG damage reduced from 23/24 to 21/22.
SMG fire rate reduced from 13 to 12.
Compact SMG fire rate reduced from 11 to 10.
SMG, Compact SMG, and Silenced SMG damage falloff.
Range reduced from 2400/3500/5000 to 2000/3000/4000.
Percentage reduced from 100/80/65% to 100/70/40%.
Rare SMG and Compact SMGs drop rates slightly reduced.

The new roll out coincided with the introduction of v5.10. That update also tweaked Slurp Juice and reintroduced Playground Mode.

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