Fortnite explosives reinstated, buffed Slurp Juice out of action

Fortnite tweaked Slurp Juice, added a Compact SMG, and reintroduced Playground mode in yesterday's v5.10 update. Alongside issues with Remote Explosives, its repackaged Slurp Juice health item hit the rocks shortly after launch.

A Remote Explosives-related bug meant the bombs' damage radius was shortened, and buildings did not take damage if they'd already hurt players. They've since been reinstated, but, at the time of writing, Slurp remains shelved.

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As noted in our previous story, Slurp now grants one health every 0.5 seconds—up to a total of 75. If the player's health is full, a shield will be granted instead. It's not clear whether or not these buffs have created new problems, but Epic assures players it's working hard on a fix. 

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Following Shopping Carts, Jetpacks and Birthday Celebration items, this isn't the first time new stuff has been rolled back in the wake of a Fortnite update. Epic's communication with players is great, but bugs do seem to be an issue.

Cheers yourself up/depress yourself further still with the news Fortnite is getting Funko Pop figures, because of course it is.

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