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New DayZ update adds a new ski resort, hunting rifle and much more

A new update just rolled out for DayZ, adding a handful of new features and dozens of fixes. Certain previously incomplete areas of Chernarus have been fleshed out, with the arrival of the Saint Roman Ski Resort and the Biathlon shooting range in "the north-western part of South Zagoria." There are small teases of these locations in the trailer above.

To compliment the arrival of the shooting range, a new rifle has been added in the form of the Sporter 22 rifle, which can be equipped with a long range hunting scope. Some aspects of gunplay have been tweaked, with 'sway' and 'hold breath' mechanics streamlined. Meanwhile, a bunch of other objects have been added: a lighter, a frying pan, an indoor stove, and a new canopy tent.

Building damage has been revamped: tents are now destructible, which is lucky because players have been using them as impenetrable fences. Meanwhile, objects now show "visual damage, are repair-able, and overall take much more time and resources to damage / break into" than before.

It's well worth checking out the update notes if you plan to jump back in: the full 1.08 rundown is here. For a more thorough list of changes, these have been listed in the DayZ forums.

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