New Cube World video shows the indie RPG's approach to crafting, magic, sailing and stealth

Cube World has come a long way since we last featured it way back in September . While there's still no release date, the open world indie RPG with the most luxuriant mini-map in the business has just been given a new in-game video , this one focusing on the game's massive exploration element. Crafting, climbing, backflips, magic, stealth, an interminable boss fight and (best of all) sailing are just some of the things that await you in this expansive game that impresses more and more each time we see it.

It's important to note that Cube World is being developed by a man named Wolfram von Funck, because that's a name that can never be said enough. Here's Wolfram von Funck's Cube World in action:

Tom Sykes

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