New Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots look so very good

Dear Batman: Arkham Origins ,

Why do you tease us so cruelly? We've already gotten to know each other pretty well, what with your big announcement magazine cover from last month and your steady stream of new information and multiplayer news . We feel like we've known you forever, when really we've only just met.

We don't care that you're not being developed by Rocksteady anymore. We don't care that Kevin Conroy won't be lending his iconic voice to the Dark Knight. Arkham Origins, we just want to love you for you, and we just want to play you right now.

So why, Arkham Origins, why do you have to release new screenshots? You look better than ever. Can't you see what you're doing to us? How are we supposed to wait until October? We've already made up a list of features we want you to have , just to pass the time! The kindest thing you could do is just lay low for a while instead of flaunting your lens flares and detailed environments.

Look, look at this one. You look so good in your particle effects and character models. How can we ignore it?

You can't keep doing this, Arkham Origins. You can't keep doing this to us. It's a long time until October 25.

Your friend,