Netflix accidentally posted The Witcher's release date

(Image credit: Netflix)

The White Wolf is out of the bag and we might now have a release date for Netflix's Witcher series. Spotted by Redanian Intelligence, social media accounts for Netflix Netherlands revealed how long we have to wait for various shows, most notably The Witcher. 

According to the now deleted posts, The Witcher will appear in 97 days from September 11. That's December 17. You can see the Facebook post below. 

(Image credit: Redanian Intelligence)

Some of the release dates are already known, but so far Netflix has been keeping The Witcher's release date under its hat. Since the posts were made in error, we can't be sure if The Witcher will air on December 17—it could change between now and the official announcement—but it's a strong indication. 

We got our first decent look at the series back in July, when Netflix showed off the first trailer. It's very good. Give it a watch below if you need a refresher. 

Fraser Brown
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