Nearly 600 entries have been accepted into IGF 2018

Submissions for the next Independent Games Festival have now closed, with almost 600 entries being accepted into IGF 2018. It’s a broad array of games and developers, featuring established indies, new studios and students. 

The full list of submissions can be viewed here. This year’s roster is a beefy one, and includes games like Night in the Woods, Sexy Brutale, Heat Signature and West of Loathing. Some steep competition! 

IGF is one of my favourite events, largely because it’s a great way to discover games that I’ve missed. The industry has never been busier, so countless games end up falling through the cracks; this shines a spotlight on many of them. More generally, it’s just a great way to celebrate what is one of the most vibrant and experimental parts of gaming.

For this year’s event, categories will feature six finalists, with the exception of the Nuovo Award, for unconventional, short form games, which will have eight. They will be announced in January, and will be available to play at the IGF Pavilion during GDC in March. 

Last year’s winners included Quadrilateral Cowboy, GoNNER and Hyper Light Drifter. Check out the full list here

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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