Natural Selection 2 closed beta launches today, new trailer

Natural Selection 2

Fans of the original Natural Selection Half Life mod have been waiting a long time for the sequel, but Natural Selection 2 is edging closer and closer to release with the launch of today's closed beta and a new trailer showing a new alien class, the teleporting Fade monster.

Natural Selection 2 is an innovative strategy/shooter hybrid in which players on the ground are directed and given orders by commanders watching the action from overhead. Commanders can build structures and collect resources to give their ground troops access to better weapons, and the grunts in the trenches can place turrets and spend money on new weapons to better hold off the alien menace.

In Natural Selection, you can play as the aliens as well. These creatures also have access to their own special breeds of mutation, but can also spread infestation, warping the level, shutting off lights and eating up human defences. Each battle becomes a dynamic and strategic territory battle full of intense shoot outs. The game will even release with full editor tools to let players create new levels and scenarios of their own. The first ten thousand people to pre-order the game will get access to the Steam beta that kicks off today. Those who have already pre-purchased should get a place automatically. For more information, here's the Natural Selection 2 site.

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