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Natural Selection 2 adds, old Eclipse map in latest update

If you played Natural Selection back in the day, you'll probably remember the Eclipse map, which according to its creators was "one of the greatest maps ever made for the original Half-Life mod". Well they would say that. Their enthusiasm appears to be genuine, however, as they've painstakingly updated Eclipse and incorporated it into the significantly prettier Natural Selection 2. In the spirit of jolly old St Nick, they've also released the damned thing for free. Launch NS2 on Steam and you should your game has been automagically updated with the new/old map, as part of the Build 262 patch. See Eclipse in all its corrugated sci-fi splendour below.

That is one handsome map. I particularly like the big energy pylon thing - I wonder if I can get one of those for my tiny one-bedroom flat.

If you're tempted to grab Natural Selection 2, it's currently 75% off in the Steam sale. Not a bad price for something we wrote about in glowing terms this time last year.

Cheers, Destructoid .