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My Friend Pedro sells almost 500,000 copies, now has more modes

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"Aw, that's cute" is not something I thought I'd say about My Friend Pedro (opens in new tab) but here we are. The slow-motion murder platformer extravaganza now has a 'tiny player mode' and it's properly adorable. This comes as part of the Code Yellow update, which adds 14 modifiers to the skateboard shoot-a-thon including cinematic camera mode, big head mode, adjustable focus speed, and adjustable player speed. There's also an option to hide the HUD and a timer for speedrunners. 

According to publisher Devolver Digital's blog post (opens in new tab) announcing Code Yellow "nearly half a million folks" have bought My Friend Pedro. I can see why—it's a hyper replayable score-attack kill-em-up with a goofy theme, and I had a blast playing it (opens in new tab).

The update coincides with a discount of 30% on Steam, which will last over the weekend.

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