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Murdered: Soul Suspect's E3 walkthrough shows that death isn't such a handicap after all

E3 might be dead and gone for another year, but its noisy spirit lives on the form of gameplay footage, which has been trickling out ever since. The latest is for Airtight Games' cheery Murdered: Soul Suspect, in which you play a dead cop trying to solve his own murder. It's a bit like Ghost! Only with less Whoopi Goldberg, presumably. The bumper 25-minute video crams in plenty of investigation and exorcism, but I'm most impressed by your ability to walk through walls without the aid of a no_clip cheat.

Intriguing! As you can see, Murdered looks a lot like a supernatural LA Noire, only without all those hideously realistic faces. I can only hope that Derek Acorah turns up in the ghostly adventure at some point, along with his chatty 'spirit guide' Sam. Head over to our recent paranormal preview to hear more about the game.