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Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer reminds you that Murdered: Soul Suspect exists

Airtight's Murdered: Soul Suspect is the one that's a bit like the Blackwell games, a bit like haunted pottery film Ghost, and a lot like Ghost Trick. You're a cop trying to solve his own murder, and while you don't have Whoopi Goldberg around to help you out, you do have a young girl who appears to be next on your killer's People To Off list. How can you help the living when you can't touch, talk or change into a less bullet-riddled set of clothes? Possession, my friend, which may or may not be shown off in this new, incredibly fast-paced trailer.

Murdered: Soul Suspect - which, despite the serious tone, has a deliciously punny name - is out June 3rd, and I'm hoping it will be pretty good so it can help stave off the traditional summer drought. Have a watch of this lengthy walkthrough video for more info, or catch up on the rest of our coverage here .