MultiVersus confirms no more progress resets following open beta launch

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

With the MultiVersus open beta now in full swing, Warner Bros has detailed how the free character rotation will work, and reassured players that there will be no further progress resets in the future.

"Starting today, we'll have a new section of our roster that will be free to all players that will change every TWO weeks," Warner Bros. social and community director Nikki Grantham said in an announcement on the MultiVersus Discord. "Character progression you earn with these characters beginning from Early Access this timeframe will be SAVED so when they're back in rotation (or if you unlock them with in-game Gold) you'll be able to continue right where you left off. And moving forward, character progression will not reset."

That's definitely good news for players worried that the effort they put into the game in this technically-pre-release might end up lost to the digital void in the wake of a server wipe. Grantham also confirmed that progress earned by players during the pre-beta early access period will be saved to all characters, not just those in the initial free rotation, and that all characters in the game will be unlockable with in-game Gold regardless of whether or not they're in the rotation.

The same message was repeated on the MultiVersus Twitter feed:

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

MultiVersus has gotten off to a very strong start since kicking off its free-to-play "open beta" yesterday. The rollout hasn't been entirely without bumps—the Tasmanian Devil needed a quick nerf, and servers were down for a short while—but its concurrent player count easily cracked the top ten on Steam, and it remains there right now, with more than 96,000 people currently playing. We like MultiVersus an awful lot too, calling it a "shockingly good" take on the Smash Bros formula in our alpha preview.

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