MultiVersus was down, but is now coming back online

Multiversus is down
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. crossover fighting game MultiVersus launched into its F2P open beta today, July 26—but currently no one can play it. As of Tuesday morning in the US, MultiVersus's servers were down for maintenance, but as of 11:49 am PST they're starting to come back.

Here's what we know about the downtime, and when we expect MultiVersus to be back online.

Is MultiVersus down?

It was. But access is being restored. MultiVersus is currently slowly allowing in players across platforms and regions. When MultiVersus is operational, it supports cross-platform play (and even cross-progression) between PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Here's the latest: 

 Why was MultiVersus offline? 

According to a tweet from 9:31 am PST, MultiVersus was undergoing maintenance, likely related to its F2P launch on Tuesday. 

MultiVersus has had a bit of a complicated roll out. Players who purchased a "Founders Pack" of the game gained access to MultiVersus on July 19. As of July 26 the game is available to everyone, though as of this writing it's not possible to play. On attempting to login at 10:30 am PST, we ran into the maintenance screen above. 

Warner Bros. didn't offer any indication of when servers will be back online (other than "soon"). After the tweet above, developer Tony Huynh tweeted a slightly more detailed explanation for the downtime, writing "We've had an issue with one of our build servers. More information as soon as we have more available. Sorry about the inconvenience." 

At 10:57 am PST, Huynh provided a follow-up tweet: "We're making progress hang tight."

Sounds like standard launch day growing pains—unless a further update indicates more serious problems. At 11:24 am, Huynh tweeted again, saying "Servers are up," but noting that players would be gradually let into the game.

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