MSI dresses up gaming hardware in a stylish laptop for creators and designers

MSI today announced a new laptop aimed at "creative talents including photographers, designers, or 3D animators," though there's no reason it can't be used for gaming as well. From our vantage point, it looks like a GS65 Stealth (the best gaming laptop out there, in our opinion) in slightly different digs.

The P65 Creator is relatively thin and light, measuring 14.11 x 9.75 x 0.7 inches (WxDxH) and weighing less than 4 pounds. That's about the same as the GS65 Stealth.

Both are 15.6-inch laptops, with the P65 Creator outfitted with up to an 8th generation Core i7 processor, up to 32GB of DDR4-2666 RAM, and one three discrete GPU options: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, GeForce GTX 1060 (Max-Q), or GeForce GTX 1070 (Max-Q). For storage, the P65 Creator sports two M.2 slots.

Even the display is similar to the GS65 Stealth, at least at the top end. The P65 Creator uses a 1080p IPS panel with MSI claiming 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color space, and a 144Hz refresh rate on the flagship SKU (a limited edition white model with a GTX 1070 inside).

What you don't get is any RGB lighting on the keyboard. The GS65 Stealth also separates itself with Killer-powered Wi-Fi and LAN, if that's something you care about.

There's no word yet on when the P65 Creator series will be available or what the new laptops will cost.

Paul Lilly

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