Who wants a Watch Dogs film? Too bad, you're getting one anyway

Watch Dogs
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Remember back in 2013, when Ubisoft announced plans for a movie based on the Watch Dogs series? No? Me neither, and to be fair to us, it kind of feels like Ubisoft forgot too. Ever since then the project has shown barely any signs of life, until a bleep on the EKG earlier this year when it suddenly got a lead actor and director.

Now it seems like Ubi has finally decided, hey, maybe we should make that Watch Dogs movie we announced three Presidents ago. A recent tweet on the corporation's official Twitter contains a shot of a movie-set clapperboard labelled "Watch Dogs," with the previously announced director's name Mathieu Turi right below it. The text of the tweet consists of the words "Lights_Camera_Action.exe" alongside a Watch Dogs Movie hashtag, and Ubi even tagged in entertainment company New Regency for good measure.

As if that doesn't make it all exceedingly clear that production has begun on the film, the photo's alt text describes it as "taken on the set of the Watch Dogs movie." It also says "the backdrop appears to be someone on a computer," which is exactly what I'd put into a Watch Dogs movie if you asked me to make one.

No other details for now, but it seems like this thing might actually become real in the relatively near future. That's relative to the preceding 11-year wait, anyway. We've also got no idea what the plot will be. Will it focus on the merry band of misfits from 2? The weird Eisenstein-style "everyone is the protagonist" stuff from Legion? Or will it just be Aiden Pearce and his iconic hat again, because someone in France clearly cannot let that man go?

We'll have to wait to find out. For now, all we know is that you can expect to find Talk To Me star Sophia Wilde and Hunger Games man Tom Blyth in undisclosed roles. Also, there will be someone on a computer.

Joshua Wolens
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