Mouse of the Year: Logitech G903 Lightspeed

The Logitech G900 was my favorite gaming mouse of 2016, and for my money is the best mouse I've ever put my hand on. I've written extensively about the G900 and how it was designed, so I won't do that spiel all over again. But the feel of the G900's left and right click, its light weight, its scroll wheel, its wireless performance and battery life are all so good, it's essentially the best mouse of 2017, too. See, the G903, released this October, is pretty much the same mouse, with one significant change: it now supports a Logitech wireless charging mousepad.

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The bottom of the G903 now has a small removable puck that holds a weight, if you want your mouse to be heavier. If you own Logitech's wireless charging mousepad, you simply replace the default plastic puck with one that has the components for inductive charging, and voila! You're charging your mouse, cable free. Plugging your mouse in once a week or so to charge doesn't sound like a big deal, but holy crap, is a wireless charging mousepad seriously liberating. It feels so good never having to worry about plugging your mouse in. It's really hard to go back.

Even if you don't shell out for the charging mousepad, which is a pretty pricey $100 on top of the cost of the mouse, the Logitech G903's the best mouse you can buy. It's still the best even if you use it plugged in, rather than wireless. But why would you? The wireless performance is flawless, and cables are a nuisance. At about $125 the G903 is expensive for a mouse, but it's also a part of your PC you'll be using every time you sit down at your desk, and it'll last you for years. I'm confident it's the best mouse you can get.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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