More of the best DayZ videos so far: a DayZ dance-off, gas station roulette and trouserless cultists

We can't stop watching videos of the horrifying, hilarious and fascinating adventures of DayZ players enjoying the shonky but somehow-still-really-entertaining alpha. Last week we rounded up a few of our favourites, but they keep on coming, so it's time for a second compendium. Read on for an explosive game of DayZ roulette, a dance-off at gunpoint, a couple of good samaritans and another weird cult.

DayZ roulette

Anyone up for a friendly game of gas station roulette?

Suicide prevention services

We've been enjoying the Friendly in Cherno channel, detailing the ongoing efforts of a nice guy in DayZ trying to be nice, with varying degrees of success. Here he stands around in Berezino, trying to talk dissatisfied new spawns out of jumping to their deaths.

There can be only one

In the real world turning up dressed in the same clothes as a friend is always awkward, but rarely results in an axe-fight to the death. In DayZ, almost all situations, awkward or otherwise, result in an axe-fight to the death, here at the behest of a troop of well-armed bandits. Would you fight or flee?

DayZ dance-off

Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like you've been held up by two guys with assault rifles who won't let you go until you've made them laugh.

Worldstar Hero

Witness the legendary bravery of this new spawn taking on a bandit.

Firefighter saviour

Any object in DayZ can be used to help the weak and defenseless, even a fire extinguisher.

Another dark DayZ cult

The last time we did one of these video round-ups, we shared the adventures of the Wiggle Cultists. They are hard to replace, but here are some Scary People With No Trousers cultists to tide you over.

Coastal Run Timelapse

A player runs the entire Chernarus coastline and recorded this time lapse of his efforts. DayZ sure is big.

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