More games will get Greenlit on November 30

"At least" ten games will graduate from the Greenlight voting pool and ascent to a vaunted spot on the Steam store at the end of the month. Exposure to Steam's monstrous install base is, of course, a huge deal for indie developers who will surely be waiting keenly for that list to drop. The last round of approvals ushered 21 new games onto the store, so who knows how many will make the grade this month.

We will definitely see some non-game software, though. "We hope to announce Greenlight's first graduating class of Software titles, with at least five Software titles targeted for inclusion in this group," say Valve on the latest Steam Greenlight blog .

As always, you can head to the Greenlight page to cast a judicious eye over the latest hopefuls flexing for your approval.

Tom Senior

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