Monster Prom is a competitive dating sim in which you hook up with sexy freaks

"There's only three weeks left before prom and you haven't got a date yet." Such is the terrfiying premise of Monster Prom, an upcoming multiplayer dating sim about romancing the students of a very spooky high school. 

Monster Prom can be played locally or online with up to four players. You can go solo, but it really sounds like an experience designed to be shared with a couple of friends sitting on the same couch: rather than dating each other, you're each competing to woo the same six classmates. 

You can pursue whoever you want, but your character's personality is determined by a pre-game personality quiz, so you'll have an easier time seducing certain sweethearts. To make a successful match, you'll have to wade through the teenage dating landscape, complete with "selfies, dating apps, d**kpics, raves, emojis and more." Is d**kpic one word? Is that where we live now?

"Play to your strengths to earn better rewards, discover and unlock items that boost your chances at your favorite fiend's fondness and fight the good fight all in the name of the thing high schoolers dream of: not going to the prom alone," Monster Prom's Steam page reads, adding that its relationships are "unaffected by gender or sexual orientation" since "monsters don't like boys or girls, they like monsters." 

Monster Prom will release on April 27, 2018. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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