Monster Hunter Online teases the world with a few more videos


Details about Capcom and Tencent's massive, monster-slaying bonanza are a little sparse, but what we do know is the game's an MMO using the eye-candy factory known as CryEngine 3 to create a land of calming waterfalls, swaying foliage, and a bunch of cuddly monsters just waiting to be hunted .

The text might be a challenge to read as it hasn't been translated into English, though that makes some sense considering Monster Hunter Online's release has only been confirmed for China. Crytek sent out a press release earlier this year saying Tencent and Capcom were working on an "international release" but later retracted that statement. This doesn't necessarily mean a non-Chinese version of MHO isn't possible, especially when you consider how much the game sells in other countries (hint: it's a lot).

The game went into closed beta on June 28, and hopefully we western countries will get a taste of online monster-hunting camaraderie in the near future. You can find the other videos here and here . Any readers who are fluent in Chinese can also visit Tencent's official site for more information.