Monster Hunter Online trailer shows the monsters that will be hunted

You're developing a game called Monster Hunter Online. You need to show that game in the form of a trailer. What do you do? Tencent, who are developing MHO, sensibly chose a monster parade, showing off everything from a giant armoured beaver-bear, to, er, a warthog. But, like, a really big warthog. With massive tusks. So it's still pretty threatening.

Recently, Tencent announced that their CryEngine 3 powered MMO would be opening to closed beta on June 28th. What isn't yet known is if the game will be seen outside of their native China - currently the game's only confirmed release region.

For now then, we'll just have to make do with looking at the pretty CryEngine 3 menagerie. Like some digital zoo made of massively tusked monsters, to be appreciated, but not chopped into pieces with an inconceivably large sword.

Thanks, VG247 .

Phil Savage

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