Modern Warfare 2 players should update their Nvidia drivers now

warzone 2.0 season 1
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Nvidia has released a new Game Ready Driver that highlights some essential features in Modern Warfare 2 while addressing issues introduced in the last driver release.

We've previously reported on those problems with driver 526.47⁠—the update introduced stability issues to Modern Warfare 2, as well as "flashing corruption" during gameplay. Nvidia's previous recommendation was for CoD players to skip 526.47 altogether, or else manually download a hotfix from the company website, separate from the GeForce Now app.

Update 526.86 has bundled those fixes with further stability and performance improvements. It also mentions support for DLSS and Reflex, though those have been present in the game since launch. Modern Warfare 2 also supports three other methods of AI upscaling, including AMD FSR image reconstruction. I've generally preferred DLSS to FSR when given choice, but your mileage may vary.

Reflex, meanwhile, is a proprietary technology to minimize input latency that requires an Nvidia GPU, as well as a compatible monitor and mouse. You can read more in our guide to Nvidia Reflex from when it was released, but this super granular tech is right at home in the sweaty, uber-competitive world of Call of Duty.

We were already more than impressed with Modern Warfare 2's graphical prowess before this update, but it's nice to see the best CoD in years continue to be refined and supported.

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