Modders return GTA IV to San Andreas hood

Take Two for the day in more ways than one, I guess. Along with the viral fun of GTA V mentioned earlier , an exciting project just hit a big milestone over on ModDB - a recreation of San Andreas for the GTA IV engine, along with races, gang wars, and a new set of interiors in Las Venturas. It's 2GB of Not California goodness, and here's the download link if you want to drop in and take a look around.

Want to see a little more before redownloading the whole of GTA and packing the car for a nostalgia trip? There's also a preview trailer to watch, which you'll find embedded right here.

That download link once again , available in direct and torrent form.

(And now, no more GTA until at least tomorrow, promise.** )

(** Unless something really cool happens, of course.)