Modders have remade the entire Fallout: New Vegas world map in Minecraft

sky view of Novac from New Vegas recreated in minecraft
(Image credit: Minecraft New Vegas)

The "hyper-detailed recreation of another fictional world in Minecraft" thing is pretty well-established at this point—we were reporting on this big Game of Thrones build all the way back in 2013—but it still never ceases to amaze me what dedicated fans will get up to in Mojang's venerable voxel sandbox. It really never gets old, and I was particularly impressed by Minecraft New Vegas, a 1:1 replica of the Obsidian classic's world map for a Minecraft roleplay server.

I think the thing that really gets me is their texture work—a lot of art seems to have been borrowed from New Vegas itself and filtered through Minecraft's signature chunky voxel look. Coupled with faithful recreations of classic locales, and some of the project's stills almost look like screenshots of the original game. In motion, it has a real funky "when worlds collide" vibe to it, almost like a cheeky de-make of New Vegas.

The server also has weapons and a lot of sound effects taken from the original game, though I did also detect a cheeky Elder Scrolls Oblivion level up notification in there. I'm intrigued at the gameplay horizons promised by Minecraft New Vegas. In the trailer, you can observe some requisite gunplay and exploration, as well as RPG level ups and skill distribution.

The Minecraft New Vegas community looks to be focused on collaborative roleplay, with recreations of factions like the NCR or Caesar's Legion having a central role in a way that reminds me of the productive Fallout 76 roleplay scene. If you're interested in participating, Minecraft New Vegas has an active Discord community to help you get set up, but you can also just admire the group's work in their various YouTube showcases.

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