Mod turns GTA 5 into an RPG


Modders have been demonstrating what they can do with GTA 5 almost since the moment the game launched, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down. Case in point: the GTA 5 RPG mod by LogicSpawn, which turns the game's story mode into an RPG complete with quests, skill trees, crafting, and dialogue options.

With the mod installed, press the Y key to activate it. You'll be treated to a little opening sequence, and then you'll have to make some choices about what kind of character you'd like to play. Then you'll access a character creation screen where you can customize your look, choosing between tons of different models and outfits. You can also plays as Michael, Franklin, or Trevor, or as your online character, if you'd prefer.


From there, you'll get a couple simple tutorial missions, and then you'll be directed to meet a contact (there's an icon on your map) and start accepting quests. Quest givers and merchants appear on your minimap, and there are even dialogue options when you approach them.

There's a custom menu that allows you to check on the progress of your missions, see what's in your inventory, and craft items like health kits and armor. As you play and complete objectives, you can upgrade your talents using a skill tree.



The mod is still in its early stages and I did encounter a few bugs and a crash or two. One character I created was completely invisible, so I had to start over. One contract I accepted, to grease a collection of goons, didn't seem to recognize that I'd killed all the targets shown on the map. Another character of mine spawned in Michael's house along with his personal vehicle, which wasn't especially convenient. Luckily, once outside (I had to leave out the back) I was able to respawn it. Bugs aside, it's a really clever mod with a lot of neat ideas, and I look forward to seeing it progress.


As with many of GTA 5's mods, the RPG mod requires ScriptHookV and Community ScripthookV. They've both been updated within the past month, so make sure you download the most current versions if you haven't recently, or you may have trouble getting the RPG mod to function properly.

Thanks to Evan at Kotaku!

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