MMO Last Oasis wants clans to test its open-world PvP

Last Oasis developer Donkey Crew goes into more detail about the survival MMO's PvP system in a new developer video that you can watch above. PvP will be risky, apparently, and aggressive players will need to take into account their resources, how long a fight will take, and where they're fighting. 

It's a dynamic world that changes when the sun starts scorching previously habitable land, so players aren't the only threat. Instead of making enemies, you might prefer to search the world for pals. There's a collaborative bent, especially if you're in a guild that's got control over an oasis, as you'll want to protect the random players who stop by and start looking for resources—they'll also contribute to your stockpile. If you're a solo pirate, you might want to avoid such well-protected areas. 

Donkey Crew is also putting out a final call for testers, and the team is looking for clans in particular to test the PvP at a larger scale next month. If you're in a clan that you reckon can handle Last Oasis' desert, then hit up the Discord next week and contact one of the community managers. 

In the meantime, you can check out some exclusive screenshots and concept art that we've managed to get our hands on. 

(Image credit: Donkey Crew)

(Image credit: Donkey Crew)

(Image credit: Donkey Crew)
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