Minit is free for the week on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Minit is a monochromatic Zelda-ish adventure game in which you play as a duck (or someone who looks very much like a duck, at least) who dies every 60 seconds. The upside is that death is followed by resurrection, but it's still awfully inconvenient, as you can imagine, especially since you're trying to figure out how to lift the curse responsible for your minute-long lifespans. It's an odd sort of thing—"A unique, if occasionally frustrating, experience," we said in our 69/100 review—and it's also free for the week on the Epic Games Store.

Minit is rated E, which means you won't find a family-friendlier freebie for younger gamers. There will be an M-rated game up for grabs next week when the sci-fi city building sim Surviving Mars (which is also quite good) goes on the giveaway block.

Minit is free until October 10. For a closer look at what it's all about, here's Samuel explaining why it was one of his favorite games of 2018.

Andy Chalk

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