Mini-mechs on parade in Planetside 2's newest screenshots


I wasn't sure which faction I wanted to play on when I jump into Planetside 2's beta later this year. Then I saw this amazing MAX (Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit) for the New Conglomerate faction. This is the heaviest armor set in the game, a personal-sized mech suit built for mass destruction, and each of the three factions have a distinct look for their mech monsters.

NC max planetside 2

TR max planetside 2

VS max planetside 2

These suits will pack the heaviest firepower of any class in the game, but is also the only class in the game that must be supported by both the Engineer (repairs the suit) and Medic (heals the soft fleshling inside the suit) to function at maximum capacity. Still, I can't wait to air-drop a pile of these bad boys on top of an enemy facility in the still quiet of night.

Can't get enough? Here are a few more shots showing off the rear of the suits.