Minecraft's new character creator is in beta and you can try it out now

Minecraft character creator
(Image credit: Mojang, Microsoft)

Minecraft is finally getting an actual character creator, and you can try it out by opting into the beta for version if you're using the Windows 10 (Bedrock) version of the game. 

Despite the wealth of fan-made skins that have been the backbone of personalization in Minecraft for years, Mojang is adding its own character creator complete with hair styles, facial features, and clothing options. Mojang says that when the character creator is released "more than 100 items will be available for free." Though when you log in to try it yourself you'll quickly spot the other shoe dropping: "a range of custom accessories, created by the Minecraft team, available for purchase." 

Presumably the character creator is meant for players who don't care to poke about choosing a fan-made skin or for those on other devices who don't have the same breadth of options that we do thanks to the vibrant Minecraft modding community on PC. 

One prominent category of options in the new creator is prosthetic limbs. There are options meant to look like modern prosthetic arms and legs as well as Minecraft-themed fantasy options like a "beacon arm" or "redstone leg."

Minecraft character creator

(Image credit: Mojang, Microsoft)

You can start using the character creator by clicking the "profile" button when you start up Minecraft and selecting "Create Character" on an empty slot. I took a crack at recreating our favorite Witcher in the beta character creator, but I'll forgive you for not recognizing him in his basic Minecraft outfit. All of the cool clothes, of course, are available to buy for "Minecoins."

You can opt in to the beta by following Mojang's instructions. Fortunately it's quite simple if you already own Minecraft through the Windows Store. You'll just need to load up the Xbox Insider Hub app and opt in. If you're still rocking Java Minecraft and want to check this out, you can get a redeemable code for the Windows 10 version if you bought the game prior to October 19th, 2018. Head over to your Mojang account to redeem it. 

The new character creator won't replace the ability to import custom-made skins, fortunately. If you can't put together a look you like in the creator, check out our list of best Minecraft skins or one of the many Geralt skins on Planet Minecraft, all much more detailed than what I managed to slap together in the beta creator. 


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