Minecraft: Story Mode is getting three "add-on" episodes

Minecraft: Story Mode

The fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, entitled Order Up, will be out on March 29, and here's a surprise: It will not mark the end of the game. Developer Telltale Games announced today that three more “post-season episodes” are on the way.

That tracks with what Telltale said ahead of the release of the previous episode, Wither Storm Finale, which seemed like a strange name for the fourth of a five-part series. But it was intended to be a conclusion of sorts, that would “turn the page on one chapter before adventures begin anew in the mysterious Episode Five launching in early 2016,” the studio explained at the time. I assumed that meant an entirely new series, but now Telltale says the fifth part will "bridge the gap" between the Wither Storm arc and all-new adventures told over the three bonus eps.

Here's what's in store: “In the upcoming Episode 5, on a tip from Ivor, Jesse and friends head to an abandoned temple holding mysterious treasures. Ambushed by former Ocelot Aiden and his crew, our heroes find themselves in an entirely new world: Sky City! As they explore, the Order finds that resources are at a premium, and nothing but 'The Void' exists below the known world. When Aiden convinces Sky City's ruler that the New Order of the Stone are up to no good, you'll need to make some tough choices to clear your name, and keep Aiden from destroying an innocent world.”

It sounds like the start of a new season, but Telltale emphasized that these are additional chapters in the current seasons, referring to them specifically as episodes six, seven, and eight. Less clear is whether or not they'll be included with the original full-season release: The announcement refers to them as “add-ons,” and says that “players will need to own at least the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode in order to purchase and play these three chapters.” I've reached out to Telltale for clarification and will update when I receive a reply.

Andy Chalk

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