Minecraft sells four million copies, "4milyay" says Notch

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When the little sales ticker on the Minecraft homepage ticked over from 0 to 1, it no doubt dreamed of one day becoming seven numbers wide and bigger than all its friends. Minecraft passed the one million mark long ago, and has now climbed all the way up to the giddy heights of four million. More than sixteen million have registered to play the free version, and no doubt many more are waiting for Minecraft's imminent release on November 18.

Minecraft creator, Notch mocked Twitter's 140 character limit by recognising and celebrating the milestone in the space of just seven characters. "4milyay," he Twittered . If you're one of the four million Minecraft owners, you might be interested in our updated selection of the 25 best Minecraft mods .

Are you one of the seven odd billion remaining humans who hasn't bought Minecraft? Are you tempted to get hold of it?

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