Minecraft renders: Azeroth, the PC Gamer server, and how to make your own

5. Open up the Windows Start menu again and this time type 'cmd' into the search box and press enter. This will bring up a command prompt. Welcome to Windows' long distant past. You can do pretty much anything from a command prompt, but we're going to keep this simple. For now, just do what I do: type 'cd C:\renders\mcobj' without the '. cd means Change Directory, by the way. Now type 'mcobj', and it'll run the mcobj.exe in the directory we're now looking at. This will pour out a bunch of instructions for what mcobj's different instructions do.

6. Let's keep keeping it simple. Now type 'mcobj -cpu 4 -s 20 -o world1.obj C:\renders\[savegame]' where [savegame] is the name of your saved game. This will use 4 CPU cores (change the number if you don't have a quadcore processor) to output 20 chunks of your saved game immediately around the spawn area, and will create it in a file called 'world1.obj'. There's a bunch of stuff you can tweak: rendering areas other than the spawn, or larger areas, or underground areas, and so on. For now, press enter, and a pouring stream of text should appear as it turns all those Minecraft-y blocks into a renderable 3D model.

7. Install and open Blender like you would any other piece of software.