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Minecraft renders: Azeroth, the PC Gamer server, and how to make your own

12. Afer a short wait, again depending on your computer's memory, you should be looking at a 3D render of your Minecraft world. To save it, press F3 and choose a location on your computer. If you decide the camera position is perfect, you can set the render size from 50% to 100% and output yourself a nice desktop wallpaper. Or, if you want to change the camera position, click the little photo icon with an up/down arrow next to it about two inches above the bottom left corner and select 3D view to go back to the editing pane. Then repeat step 9 to re-position your camera.

Or you can do what I do, and spend an entire weekend reading Blender tutorials to try and get better at lighting and shadows.

That's as far as I can take you, though. If you use this guide to make something, why not post a link to your work in the comments or on the mcobj sub-Reddit ? Or click on for more pictures - including Minecraft maps rendered in two other pieces of software.