Minecraft now has foxes, brown mooshrooms, and 'Suspicious Stew'

(Image credit: Mojang)

Life just got more complicated for Minecraft's chickens, as wild foxes are now roaming loose in their strange, blocky world. The red-furred creatures that arrived in today's 1.13.0 (Bedrock) update will come out at night looking to make a meal of your birds—but with a little effort, you might be able to make a friend of them.

"Keep your chickens safe and your belongings close, otherwise you’ll find them dead or gone—especially come nightfall. Foxes are more active at night and seek shade to sleep during the day," Mojang said. "However, if you’re patient enough to feed two of them Sweet Berries, you can end up with a trusty one!"

Foxes are obviously the big attraction here but the update also adds Brown Mooshrooms to the game, created when Red Mooshrooms are struck by lightning, which can be combined with different flowers to make Suspicious Stew. Speaking of flowers, there's also a new Wither Rose that grows up wherever a living entity dies to the Wither—and which "might be useful when crafting Suspicious Stew," Mojang teased.

The updated character creator is live, enabling personalized body shapes and sizes, replacement limbs, tweakable eyes, mouths, hairstyles and colors, facial hair, and skin tones. More than 100 customization items are available for free, and more will be made available for purchase. For those with Experimental Gameplay enabled, "new and improved" Structure Blocks are also available.

The update also makes the usual array of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, all of which you can dive into at minecraft.net.

Correction: The post originally described the mooshrooms as mushrooms. They are in fact mooshrooms. 


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