Minecraft mod API to be developed by new team at Mojang


Mojang announce that they've hired the Minecraft community members behind Bukkit to work on their server software and "offer better official support for larger servers and server modifications." Bukkit was a free, open source community-made server mod designed to make it easy for server admins to create and maintain heavily modded Minecraft servers. The tweaks they'll make to Minecraft's back end should lay the groundwork for future mod support, meaning more scope for mad mods like that one that adds a portal gun , and that glorious TNT mod , and the one that adds dinosaurs , and the millions of other Minecraft mods out there. This can only be a good thing.

"These guys have always had server admins in mind when developing their additions to the game," says Minecraft lead designer, Jeb on the Mojang blog . "We hope that this will help the quality of Minecraft multi-player to improve, both for large and private family servers, while still being able to add fun stuff for the bigger audience."

Anything that gives Minecraft modders more power must be a good thing. There's a huge number of great mods out there already. We've picked out the best in our round up of the 25 best Minecraft mods .

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