Minecraft Legends shows off its 4 player co-op in new gameplay video

Today's Minecraft Live saw a lot of neat detail emerge around Minecraft Legends, the real time, third-person strategic spinoff of Mojang's ever-popular blocky world. We learned that Minecraft Legends will launch in the Spring of 2023, and got two cinematic trailers and a long string of four-person gameplay as a team attacks a piglin base.

In it, two developers from Mojang and two from Blackbird Interactive gather a team of overworld mobs and use them to attack the invading Piglins. It also shows how resource gathering works, as Allays gather resources for the players to build with.

The allays also auto-build for players, who can select from a variety of pre-designed structures to put in the world. They'll also place spawners, which players use to recruit units like golems, zombies, and creepers to fight invading Piglins.

Minecraft legends was announced this year, a kind of third-person action RTS in the vein of Nintendo's Pikmin or Codemasters' Overlord series. We knew you'd lead the overworld in force against the invading monsters of the nether, and we knew there was multiplayer, but this is the first confirmation that it'll be up to four players cooperatively. We don't yet know if there'll be crossplay, but Mojang did eventually add just that to spinoff Minecraft Dungeons—at least between Xbox and PC.

The entire presentation includes the trailer embedded above, as well as a longer introductory trailer featuring developer Jens. You can watch the whole Minecraft Legends segment on YouTube, but I've picked out the time below to start right as the gameplay begins.

It's a lot! We see all kinds of neat new mobs, like new golems, but also wild and strange Piglin enemies like a lava launcher, and some kind of crazy centaur-pig and what might be a... gemstone pig? I don't know, but the variety of interactions available seems very cool and speaks well for the actual strategic and tactical level of Legends.

For more on Minecraft Legends, keep an eye on our article of everything we've learned about Minecraft Legends so far.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.