How to get gold in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends gold - a big piglin
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Minecraft Legends gold is a valuable resource in the new strategy-building game, allowing you to construct better defences and structures to fend off the piglin hordes invading your realm. Unlike the original game where you can mine and smelt the precious metal, Minecraft Legends is a little different. 

Your Allay helpers collect a variety of materials on command, and you can upgrade what they can gather at the well. Alas, gold is not one of these gatherable materials, and there are only a couple of specific methods that'll net you some. Here's how to get Minecraft Legends gold.

Minecraft Legends gold: How to find it 

Unlike the original game, you can't get gold in Minecraft Legends from mining or smelting. Instead, you're going to have to defeat piglins to get it. While higher-tier piglin enemies seem to have a rare chance of dropping gold, the best way to get gold is to destroy the mining machines in their bases and outposts. You can recognise these from the screenshot above—they kind of look like drills with little glowy red bits in the top of them. Each one that you wreck nets you ten gold you can collect off the ground. There are usually a fair few dotted around a base, and since some are often on the outskirts, you won't even need to breach the defences to demolish them.

If you really need gold, I'd suggest wrecking the mines before you destroy the portal at the base centre, since this removes all structures, and only gives you limited time to pick up the gold from each mining machine before it disappears. You can also get a lot of gold by opening the Piglin Chests that appear after you destroy a base or outpost. If you're struggling to destroy the machines without getting mobbed by Piglin enemies, remember that Cobblestone Golems are specialised in breaking buildings, and can demolish almost anything provided you distract some of the enemies attacking them. 

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