How to cure netherrack in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends - a blue area on the ground indicates where an Allay will cure netherrack around a player
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If you're staring down your first big piglin fortress you'll want to know how to cure netherrack in Minecraft Legends. You can't build on the reddish terrain in piglin territory, so you'll need to clear some ground of your own to mount a proper assault on anything bigger than an outpost. Here's how to unlock the curing netherrack skill and use your Allays to clear an area for you.

How to cure netherrack in Minecraft Legends 

To cure netherrack in Minecraft Legends, go to your resource gathering hotbar and navigate to the cure netherrack skill. You'll use your gather Allays similarly to the way you collect ores, by designating a square area for them to cure netherrack in. After putting your gather Allay to work, they will turn netherrack into grass in a spiral out towards the edge of your area.

To unlock the skill for curing netherrack, you'll need to build an upgrade at the Well of Fate at the center of your map. To build the cure netherrack upgrade you'll need 100 stone and 100 prismarine. With the skill unlocked, make sure you equip it to your hotbar in the songbook.

Do bear in mind that your Allays who do the netherrack curing can be attacked and killed by piglins. You may need to do some initial offense so that the nearby area is safe enough for your Allays to do their jobs.

Once you've cured the netherrack around a piglin base, you can build your own walls, spawners, power towers, and other structures to help you take down their nether portal. 

Before you're ready to take on these big bases though, make sure you've figured out how to find gold in Minecraft Legends by attacking outposts or using piglin keys to open chests.

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