Minecraft is quite popular, sells more than 240,000 copies over Christmas

Future of Minecraft

Traditional sales models would have you believe that after the initial launch week herd, developers were forced to stalk the savannah, desperately seeking small packs of errant customers. (Er - I've been watching nature documentaries recently.) Mojang have just released their Christmas sales figures - numbers that cover the game's second Christmas since the official launch, and fourth since its alpha release back in 2009. Unsurprisingly, they're big.

The really interesting part of their breakdown is how the game performed throughout the year. 4,177,843 people bought the game in 2012, accounting for a massive 47.3% of the game's total PC sales. It's not just remaining popular, Minecraft's audience is growing faster than ever before.

For the Christmas period itself, Minecraft managed to shift 70,808 copies on the day of family feuds, crap TV and gastric stuffing. Between the 24th and 30th, that figure grows to 241,845.

The newer console and mobile versions both sold slightly more, meaning that in total - across all platforms - the game sold 15,079,940 copies over 2012. Stats are fun!

I guess Mojang's only remaining problem is what to do with all the money they must have lying about.

Phil Savage

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