Minecraft has sold over 13 million copies

Thirteen is an unlucky number. Mirrors smash in its presence, black cats dart under ladders for safety, and witch's pour a cocktail of salt and rabbits' feet into opened umbrellas. Thirteen million, on the other hand, is a very lucky number, especially if you're a member of Mojang. Ultra-phenome-megagame Minecraft has now exceeded that number in PC sales. That's - as of writing - 13,000,447 people who have punched a cube tree with their cube fist.

And now we turn to Notch for an official statement:

The thirteen million mark was breached days after the release of the game's 1.7.4 update, which added Twitch integration to the game. That seems rather fitting, given how much of its popularity can be traced to an amazing community of mapmakers, modders and broadcasters, all sharing their creations and ideas across the internet.

If you're one of the multiple billion of people who haven't yet bought Minecraft, you've still time to do that. It isn't going anywhere.

Phil Savage

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