Minecraft Dungeons has a firm release month

Minecraft Dungeons will release in April 2020, according to a new (and very brief) trailer. The isometric dungeon crawler adopts the familiar Minecraft voxel aesthetic, except instead of building fully-functioning calculators and scale models of the Taj Mahal, you'll be smashing enemies to bits and taking their loot.

The trailer also indicates that signing up for updates may also grant you early access to the game. 

While it definitely looks like Minecraft, this outing will eschew mining and building altogether, opting for a fairly pure Diablo-esque smash-and-loot approach. It'll boast drop-in, drop-out cooperative play, and apparently there won't be any loot boxes or microtransactions. Here's everything we know about Minecraft: Dungeons so far.

Shaun Prescott

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