How to pilfer treasure rooms in Minecraft's Bastion Remnants

minecraft bastion remnants - a bastion remnant full of treasure over a lava pit
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(Image credit: Mojang)

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If you’ve explored the Nether since the latest Minecraft update, chances are that you’ve come across Minecraft Bastion Remnants without realising that that's their pretty cool-sounding name. These mysterious structures appear like large castles, built out of blackstone variants and basalt. 

Each one generates differently, but they retain common features, containing a bridge and treasure room, with Piglins and Hoglins inside. Hoglin stables are often present too, which is useful as these creatures are your main source of food in the Nether. 

Nether Wart farms can also be found and, when brewed with a water bottle, these warts create Awkward potions. These act as base ingredients for other potions and you can find more information here. You can trade warts for emeralds with villagers, too, and you can craft them into blocks or bricks.

Where are Minecraft Bastion Remnants?

Like Minecraft’s Overworld, the Nether is split between biomes and Bastion Remnants appear in four out of five of them. They’re only missing from the Basalt Deltas, which makes sense considering its uneven terrain. You can find them in the following please:

  • Nether Wastes: A barren location filled with netherrack and magma.
  • Soul Sand Valley: Dangerous terrain that slows your movement, made worse by frequently spawning skeletons and ghasts. 
  • Crimson Forest: An unusual environment, covered in crimson nylium and filled with large fungi structures.  
  • Warped Forest: A relatively safe biome, also containing fungi structures and can only spawn endermen outside of the Bastion Remnants.

If you've got Minecraft commands and cheats enabled and you’re struggling to locate one, enter '/locate Bastion Remnant' into the console to highlight the nearest one.


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Bastion Remnants loot and treasure rooms

Piglins have been busy storing away loot and, as you might expect, they won’t be happy to give it up. These are the only places in which you can find the Pigstep music disc and the snout banner pattern. Many contain basic materials like arrows or string, but can also include more valuable items, such as:

  • Golden weapons and armour
  • Gold/Iron nuggets
  • Gilded blackstone
  • Enchanted books
  • Crying obsidian

Each Bastion Remnant also holds a treasure room, though one does not simply walk in. Floors are widely covered with lava due to a magma cube spawner and are guarded by either a sword-wielding Piglin or Piglin Brute. The central loot area contains numerous gold blocks and some further chests, though these provide even rarer items like:

  • Damaged diamond weapons and armour
  • Ancient debris
  • Gold/Iron/Netherite ingots
  • Gilded blackstone

And there you go, that's everything you need to know about Bastion Remnants in Minecraft. If you're just starting out in the Nether or could use some more tips, here are some guides to Minecraft's underworld: