Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update is launching on June 7

Minecraft - a camel and baby camel stand in the desert at sunset
(Image credit: Mojang)

The big feature list for Minecraft 1.20 has been known for a while, and test builds have been available for a few months, with the only remaining mystery being its release date. The next Minecraft update is happening sooner than I'd expected: Trails & Tales is coming on June 7.

The big ticket bits of Minecraft 1.20 are the archeology feature which is bringing suspicious sand and suspicious gravel which players can sweep away to uncover tools, bones, and the eggs to hatch the new giant Sniffer creatures which in turn will dig up ancient plants in the overworld. They're not the only new mobs either, being joined by the giant Minecraft camel mob, a new type of mount that can dash across large gaps and seat two players together on its back.

There's also the new cherry grove biome, which players trying out the beta builds and snapshots have already been hunting down in some great new Minecraft seeds. If you want to start out a fresh save when 1.20 launches, be sure to check that list for a world that spawns you near that lovely new locale.

Cherry blossom trees have their own wood, meaning we're getting a new full set of pink colored wood blocks complete with doors, signs, and so on. But there's a second set of wood coming too: bamboo wood and all its own blocks and variants. There are plenty of other changes in the update, especially for the builders among us, with chiseled bookshelves for puzzle-designers, armor trims for the fashion-forward, and new hanging signs for the environmental storytellers.

Both the Java and Bedrock edition will get the Trails & Tales update on June 7. You'll be able to find the full changelog over on Minecraft's site

Lauren Morton
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