Mighty No. 9 is now in beta, Comcept celebrate with excitable new trailer

Unless you forked out $80 or more (!) during the Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9 , you're not going to be playing the beta version of Comcept's robo-based platformer, which has been released to backers today. The good news is that other people are, and as is the way of things, they've been uploading footage to the popular video-cataloging service 'YouTube'. If you're interested in the game, there are worse ways you could spend your lunch hour than by going through recent videos , or indeed sticking around after the break to see a big, new trailer from Comcept themselves.

The beta was announced in a panel at PAX Prime this weekend, and a Kickstarter update went on to add further details. Although this early version only comprises a single level at the moment, two more will be added over the course of the beta. During the panel, developers Comcept revealed a video showing that they've been toying with the idea of an online versus race mode, but this footage hasn't made its way onto the net yet.

The team also took the occasion to release a new trailer, which shows areas, characters, enemies and transformations from further on in the game. There's a lot of new stuff here since the last time Comcept showcased the game, including—at last—a new piece of music.

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Tom Sykes

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