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Mighty No. 9 demo releasing for backers this September

Mighty No. 9

Do you like mega, mighty, or otherwise upstanding gentlemen? Then you'll love, maybe, Mighty No. 9, providing you also like platformers and that game Keiji Inafune is always making. The Kickstarted game was recently delayed until next year, but if you're jonesing for some robo-based sidescrolling you'll be pleased to hear that a multi-stage demo is on the way to PC next month. It's unfortunately only releasing for people who backed the game on Kickstarter, but you can always check out the resultant streams and videos for a sneak peek at the upcoming game.

Creator Keiji Inafune announced the news at PAX Prime, while also revealing that backers will receive a Steam code for the formerly 3DS-exclusive platformer Mighty Gunvolt next week. That game's spin-off, Azure Striker Gunvolt, has just been released on Steam, and comes with a free copy of Mighty Gunvolt anyway.