Here are the Marvel heroes who'll be in Midnight Suns

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Your group of 12 Marvel's Midnight Suns heroes won't just help you fight supernatural hell-things in the upcoming Marvel RPG from Firaxis. You'll also be able to hang out with each of the Marvel heroes your base, The Abbey, where you'll get to know them and become friends. There's even a gift giving system, and social clubs you can join.

There are actually 13 heroes in the Midnight Suns group, because one of them is you, the player character, a new customizable hero named The Hunter. She appears as a woman in the trailer, but can also be given a male identity, and is the resurrected daughter or son of the game's big bad, Lilith, a godlike entity also known as the Mother of Demons. (So what does that make The Hunter?)

The other 12 heroes will come with you on combat missions and be available to spend time with in The Abbey. So far, Firaxis has revealed 9 of them:

Other characters at the Abbey include (but aren't limited to) your aunt, who runs the group, and a hellhound (you can pet the hellhound).

There will be other Marvel characters in the game, too: The two team members yet to be announced, as well as characters who will appear as villains or perhaps in other roles. Lilith has the power to turn heroes to her side, so expect to fight some corrupted Avengers at some point.

We'll update this list when we find out who the last two Midnight Suns heroes are, or if there are appearances from other major Marvel characters. 

Here's everything else we know about Midnight Suns, which is releasing in March 2022.

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