Middle-earth: Shadow of War showcases new Nemesis system

In December, Bo asked: Why hasn't anyone copied Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system? It's a valid question, I'm sure you agree, and while Ken Levine's first post-Irrational venture will seemingly draw from Monolith's open-world ARPG, the next game we'll see applying a similar system will in fact be Mordor's follow-up Shadow of War—due August 22.

Speaking to the folks at IGN, the developer's VP of creative Michael de Plater has now shown off the latest iteration of the esteemed Nemesis system via the following footage. Within, we see the player assassinating war chiefs, storming strongholds and destroying monuments. Observe:

Admittedly, we're not given all too much of what's new here, besides the stuff on placement of overlords and the fact that the Nemesis system now extends to buildings, however I must admit it's good to see Talion back in action. 

Middle-earth Shadow of War is due August 22 in the States and August 25 in Europe. Until then, why not have a read of Wes' recent conversation with Monolith